The 6994th Security Squadron Histories

The SIGINT community is notoriously loath to completely declassify it's historical materials, even documents over a half-century old. But thanks to an FOIA request submitted in 2015 by the History Department at Angelo State University, we’re gradually getting copies of the 6994th Security Squadron histories. Beginning with January, 1966, these classified, limited distribution histories were compiled and published twice yearly, representing the periods 1 January-30 June and 1 July to 31 December.

The format of the histories, which varied somewhat over the years, appears to have been dictated by USAFSS Headquarters in San Antonio. The first chapter was generally titled “Mission and Organization”, followed by “Tasking and Collection”, then one or two more chapters dealing with “Processing and Reporting” and occasionally one-time topics such as “Special Projects” or “Hostile Activities.” The detachment histories are included as separate appendices, along with the histories for the ARDF Coordination Center (ACC).

The quantity and quality of operational details—that is, mission objectives and results—vary greatly. For instance, the early histories contain a fair amount of data relating to supported ground operations which, when viewed side-by-side with contemporary After Action Reports and “official” war histories written years later, make it possible to “connect the dots” and understand the impact our EC-47 crews and their support functions made on the conduct of the war. Later histories contain fewer operational details, but make reference to some of the technical, tactical, and political considerations which influenced EC-47 operations.

The supporting documents included at the end of each periodic history represent the documentary foundation around which the histories were written. Unfortunately, much of this material remains redacted; due, apparently, to the various intelligence "equities" involved, each of which must separately agree to release "their" material—a process that would add years to the already interminable delays encountered in receiving answers to an FOIA request. Regardless, these histories probably represent the nearest thing to an ongoing account of the SIGINT aspects of EC-47 operations—written more or less as the events occurred—that still exists. The histories from 1966 through 1968 are linked below. Others will be uploaded as they are received and indexed for use.

NOTE: These files may be viewed in your web browser. However, the histories have been booked-marked for easy access to the various sections. For optimum viewing, right-click on the link then "Save link as ... " to a location on your hard drive. Please address any questions or comments to us via the "Contact Us" function. 

   6994th History, January-June, 1966  
   6994th History, July-December, 1966  
   6994th History, January-June, 1967  
   6994th History, July-December, 1967  
   6994th History, January-June, 1968  
   6994th History, July-December, 1968