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The purpose of this little niche is to provide a venue for articles, graphics, or other material that doesn't really fall into any of the other subject categories on the menu to the left. It'll also serve as a sort of "help wanted" page.  Our first entry, Why was "Bravo Maintenance" called that?  prompted some interesting comments. But we think we've found the answer. This, and responses to other questions, are shown or linked below.

"Area denial munitions" in pre-mission briefings?
We check out our question from newsletter #003.

Could a survival radio "beeper" be fixed by an EC-47?
Click here to see what we think

That second sharkmouth "Goonfighter" identified
Color pix by Lt. Col. (Ret.) Dick Graham

Some 1967 Nha Trang nostalgia from Charlie Phippin
  Click here to check out the graphics.

Massive Model of an Electric Goon, via Norm Taylor
   Some fine craftmanship!

Ken Flood remembers EC-47 "Old Mr. Ross"
Pix of the aircraft and a Psy War leaflet

The 361st TEWS "Mach Turtles" Plaque
   The rest of the story . . . . 

Another '68 Milestone —  362nd TEWS logs 30,000 Accident-free Flying Hours.
   Check out the group photo.

"Willard Music" . . . What and where was this special ground station? 
   FOIA got us nowhere. Can you? 

A 1968 Milestone — 50,000 Accident-free Flying Hours by the 360th TEWS
   Click HERE to view three nice photos of the event, courtesy of Ms. Barbara McKisson.

Why was "Bravo Maintenance" called that? 

The term obviously comes from the phonetic alphabet word for the letter "B". But what did "B" relate to? The answer, we're pretty sure, can be found in Air Force Materiel Command Instruction 21-126, Temporary 2 (T-2) Modification of Aerospace Vehicles:

Group A—The items to be installed as part of a modification to support, secure, interconnect, or accommodate the Group B components. In general, anything that cannot be readily removed, provides support, or provisions for equipment installation is considered Group A. 

Examples of Group A items are: electrical wiring, power junction boxes, brackets, oxygen lines, signal wiring, interconnect cabling, waveguide, racks, beams, longerons, skins, spars, stringers, intercostals, plates, seats, mounts, trays/slides, fairings, lighting, and other structural support equipment for Group B items.

Group B—The equipment installed as part of a modification which is readily removable. 

Examples of Group B items: computers, printers, controllers, digital recorders, digital formatters, avionics encoders, antennas, radomes, and, in general, “black boxes.” 

Combat Liquor Rations

Awhile back, Tom put up an excerpt from the 360th Reconnaissance Squadron history for January-March, 1967. The subject was the distribution of combat liquor rations at post-mission debriefs. This topic generated some very interesting responses from both front and back-enders. Click on the brandy bottle to view them all.


Help Wanted  

We have a request from a retired CMSgt who is a former Operations Superintendent at the 94th Intelligence Squadron at Fort Meade, Maryland.  We've introduced a new capability with this one that allows viewers to comment without leaving the topic page. It works very much like the Guestbook function. Take a look . . . and give it a try.

Combat Cougar Memorabilia


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