ARDF Exhibit Installation Photos

  • Install 09
    The individual sections were tipped horizontally onto a furniture dolly and rolled into the building.  L-R: Nurre, Driver, Davenport, Garrett
  • Install 10
    Rolling a section into the building.
  • Install 11
    All six sections placed in order along the exhibit area wall.
  • Install 12
    Adler Display project manager, Andy Davenport, reviews installation plans.
  • Install 13
    The power for the display connects to a junction box hidden inside the digital monitor mounting frame. Andy Davenport connects the wires and remote control on/off switch.
  • Install 14
    All six sections are aligned and secured together with wood screws.
  • Install 15
    There are two floor mounted display cases.  The CAP-72 artifacts will be displayed in the rear case; the EC-47 aircraft model will be placed in the front case.
  • Install 16
    Andy Davenport preparing to install the aircraft model display case.