361 TEWS Personal Survival Kit - Rolly Grounds

  • DSC 8092a
    Marked 1970-1971
  • DSC 8098a
    Photos by Austin Mathis
    Angelo State University
  • Kit Contents List
    Kit Contents List
  • DSC 8127a
    Sweet Chocolate Ration Bar
  • DSC 8102a
    Gauze Compress
    Lilly White Sales Co., Inc., New York
  • DSCN2464b
    Plaster Bandage
  • DSC 8131a
    Soaped Tissues
  • DSC 8129a
    Sewing Needle Kit
  • DSC 8137a
    Dextro Amphetamine Sulfate Tablets
    Chase Chemical Co., Newark, New Jersey
  • DSC 8105a
    Chloroquine & Primaquine Phosphates Tablets
    (Malaria prevention)
    Winthrop Laboratories, New York
  • DSC 8107a
    Aluminum Foil
  • DSC 8132a
    Fish Hooks & Line
  • DSC 8134a
    Beef Bullion Cubes
  • DSC 8135a
    Book of Matches
  • DSC 8141a
    Oxytetracycline Tablets
    Chas. Pfizer Co., Inc., Brooklyn
  • DSC 8130a
    Bacitracin Ophthalmic Ointment
    Chas. Pfizer Co., Inc., Brooklyn
  • DSC 8125a
    Sterile Plastic Bandage
    Bauer & Black, Chicago
  • DSC 8128a
    The "Ouchless" Bandage
  • Lee-Jackson Militaria photo e15592c0
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