More EC-47 History, by J.C. Wheeler


Not long after he cranked up the legacy EC-47 History Site, J.C. Wheeler wrote and published a small paperback book, The EC-47 Experience, in which he combined some of his personal experiences with contributions to the website submitted by others. The book has been out of print long since, but J.C. has agreed to placing this digital version on line for those who otherwise wouldn't have access. The book itself is a sort of historical document, capturing as it does much of the spirit of the EC-47 community in the days when the internet was new and we'd all just begun to connect with one another.  

In 2008 J.C. went a step further and created a DVD entitled A History Denied. Among the segments are an interview with the late Dave Eddy and a video of a talk given by Jim Clapper, former Director of National Intellgence and one-time commander of Det 3., 6994th Security Squadron, at the first EC-47 reunion. The DVD is no longer available, but we've uploaded the contents in MP4 format. 

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19 April 2019