That Antique Airlines Emblem

The first mention of the history of this now iconic emblem was left on the legacy website by Lt. Col. Sidney Johnston. Just recently his son, Fowler Johnston, sent more information:

Hello--great website! 

My father, Lt. Col. Sidney F. Johnston, Jr., was in the 360th TEWS 66-67. He passed Oct 25th 2015. I have many stories and memorabilia from my dad’s tour. I have some items from the 4 Dec 66 attack at Tan Son Nhut Air Base my dad re-appropriated....I also have his "Old Tiger" plaque and mug. 

Thanks for everyone who served! 

Here is some added information//April 15, 2017: 

My cousin Jim Martin (dad’s first cousin, my second cousin) is a commercial artist. Dad asked him when he was headed to VN to design a logo for his assignment. They joked about the age of the aircraft he was flying and the age of his flight crew (everyone was in their 40s back then) Antique Airlines was born! Jim and dad came up with the Old Tiger......Jim still lives in High Point NC. 

My daughter did some slight modifications of Jim's art work and made a "retired" Albuquerque police patch. That's where I retired from. 

Fowler Johnston

As the graphics below illustrate, the design underwent some slight changes even “back when.” The sketch on the left is from the 360th TEWS history for Jan-Mar, 1967. The mug, which belonged to Lt. Col. Johnston, shows the original color scheme. The final iteration, ca. 1969, is on the right.


Below is the Old Tiger as he went on to serve in the Albuquerque P.D., as mentioned by Mr. Johnston.


Thanks Fowler!