Happy Fiftieth Birthday, Air Force ARDF !


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Click here for J.C. Wheeler original site


I changed the large graphic.

There are several options for displaying the slideshow.  I uploaded the 4 slides, but did not click Publish, so the slideshow options are now off.  Once a slide is Published, then the Image Display options become active.

Click on Images in the top banner. 

I uploaded the four slides.  Click on each individual slide and use the options for arranging placement in the slideshow order, links, etc.  Be sure and click UPDATE every time before leaving

From the Image editing option, click Details to return to this page, or

click Display Settings to set up the Slideshow

Click on the Image Layout dropdown menu

Suggest clicking on each one of the menu options (Gallery only, Slideshow bottom, + 5 more)

Select Gallery only and then Update and then Preview

The images that are Published will display under the last entry in this Body part of the article.

Do the same for each of the Display Settings Image Layout options.

One note here about the Images.  During Preview/normal operations, if the image is not linked, when clicked on - it opens a slideshow of all images.  If the image is linked, when clicked on - it opens to the linked article/image. 

I did not set any of the width/height/time delay parameters for the image displays so you can see the default in each Image Layout configuration.

Check out all the various options and you will be even more smarter than me.

Lastly, the link to the J.C. archive page is the webpage address. I've linked the text below, so just click it and then the Link Icon above to see the link address entry.

You saw my attempt at the body text for this page in my earlier example.  Please put your touch on this opening Homepage to set the tone for the entire effort.  For example, with the icons active on the right side, am not sure slideshow improves this opening page, or if the slides would be best in miniature gallery and unlinked, or any other combination.  Please feel free to try various configurations.  I will be pleased with whatever you design.  Thanks


More blah blah if necessary . . . .