Fifty Years Ago

Each month, the website timeline will contain links to some topic of interest concerning activities and events which took place in 1967. Some of these pages may have embedded links to even more material. 

Click on the month to access these “special editions.”


  • Operation Cedar Falls.
  • EC-47 Accomplishments. Excerpts from the 1968 CHECO report.


  • The Battle of Tra Binh Dong. ROK Marines in Action.
  • Interdiction operations near the DMZ. The anti-infiltration battle. 


  • Operation Oh Jac Kyo. More on the Koreans.
  • The loss of TIDE 86. 


  • B-52s arrive in Thailand.
  • PHYLLIS ANN is changed to COMPASS DART.
  • Almost bombed by a B-52. Chuck Miller describes the experience. 


  • Black Shield—the CIA’s A-12 spy plane over North Vietnam.
  • The “secret war” in Laos.
  • Details on DRILL PRESS. 


  • U.S. engages NVA & VC in Operation Malheur 


  • Ho Chi Minh Trail Monitoring Center Constructed at Nakhon Phanom


  • Summer of Love — San Francisco


  • [There is no special edition for September]