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Updates as of 26 January 2022

Goodfellow security has advised that applications for base access must be received by 25 February 2022. Even if you’re not 100% sure you’ll attend, GET THAT REQUEST IN ASAP at the RSVP link provided.

Being a no-show isn't a problem—scrambling to get last-minute base access may be. 

     <<  Who's planning to attend? >>

This list is very preliminary and represents only those former EC-47 troops who've indicated they plan to attend. We'll update weekly or so. If your name is missing, or if you'd like a modification, give us a holler. If you're still undecided, take a look. If you spot the name of someone you haven't seen in 50 years, come on down! We also expect a number of spouses, surviving kin, and non-EC-47 veterans. All are welcome to join us in the Hospitality Hootch or anywhere else during Paverfest 2022!

Not quite sure of someone? Within the limits of privacy, we'll try to help. Drop us a line.

What you need to know . . .

Base Access: Enter the base by way of the GAFB Visitors Center and the Jacobson (south) Gate off Chadbourne Street. Base access with be good for three days, 25-27 March. 

The Dedication Ceremony . . .

Where: In front of the Norma Brown Building, 351 Kearney Blvd, Goodfellow Air Force Base, Texas 76908. Click for a map.

When: The ceremony will begin promptly at 11:00 am, so plan accordingly. We recommend parking in the lot directly across the street.

“Gatherin’ at the Goon”: EC-47 veterans will be recognized in a group photo taken beside the replica.

Reception: Beginning at 12:30 pm, a no-charge reception, with refreshments and sandwiches, will be held at the base Events Center. Your name tag will be your ticket to this and the Friday dinner. The event will close at 1:30 pm. 

Base Attractions: For visitors who may wish to do some sightseeing around the base, maps showing various points of interest will be provided at the reception. Post-reception, if you'd like to spend more time with the EC-47 replica, Weyandt-Eddy Memorial Plaza, and the ARDF History Exhibit inside the Norma Brown Building, we'll have knowledgeable folks on hand to answer questions.

Friday Night Dinner . . .

We've reserved the RiverView Restaurant, with a cash bar to open ~5:00 pm, followed by a FREE (for those unfamiliar with the term, it means you won't have to pay for it) "Texican" buffet dinner, with . . .  

  • Openers: Chips & salsa/queso bar.
  • Main: Beef Brisket and/or Chicken Fajita w/rice, beans, tortillas, veggies & salad bar.
  • Dessert: Warm cobbler bar.
  • Drinks: Water, tea, coffee, lemonade, soda. 

For this treat, we thank the estate of WWII vet Cpl. Rocky Durso.

Saturday Doin's . . .  

American Legion Post 572 has been an active member of the EC-47 History Site Commemorative Partner Program since 2015. Beginning at 3:00 pm, they'll host their 3rd Annual “Welcome Home” celebration, recognizing Vietnam veterans and Gold and Blue Star next of kin with a pinning ceremony to be held in the Angelo State U. LeGrand Alumni and Visitors Center, 1620 University Ave., San Angelo, TX 76904. A "Burger Burn" cookout will follow immediately after at the LeGrand Center patio sponsored by the San Angelo Elks Lodge 1880. Click here for complete details.

Other Stuff . . . . 

Memorial Pavers: Can still be purchased, honoring veterans of any era. Click for details.

Below are reduced scale scans of sample temporary plaques, identical in size to those that will be in the plaza. There are slight differences in materials and processing, which accounts for the color difference. Final version will depend on which turns out to be the best deal.

Lodging: All special rate rooms at the Courtyard have been taken. You can still make a reservation at standard rates, or pick another location from the Chamber of Commerce list here.

Regardless of where you end up bunking, you're welcome to drop by the Hospitality Hootch, so come on down!

Questions? Drop us a line: 

We think having a place to meet, embellish those war stories, or just to socialize in general should be an integral part of Paverfest 2022. The Courtyard has agreed to let us use a good-sized room as, in fond remembrance of our SEA service, what we’ve designated as the “Hospitality Hootch.” That agreement allows the consumption of snacks and such beverages as we may choose to import.

However, one thing’s gonna be different from the various EC-47 reunions held over the years: Since there’s no registration fee for the plaza dedication events, all libations will have to be supplied by the patrons themselves. Now that can translate to (a) BYOB, (b) some sort of “pass the hat” arrangement, or (c) a combination of the two. We’ll provide coolers, ice, cups, etc.  

If we decide to have community breakfast in the hootch Friday or Saturday morning, we can have it delivered. The complete hotel menu is here. Meanwhile, if you have comments or ideas on how to make the best use of the hootch, please let us know.