Happy 50th Birthday - USAF ARDF Program


Fifty years ago, the Air Force’s Airborne Radio Direction Finding program in Vietnam was officially launched with the activation of the 360th Reconnaissance Squadron on 8 April and the “back end” 6994th Security Squadron a week later.   Both units were based at Tan Son Nhut.


To mark the occasion, Tom delved into the archives and came up with some of 1966's hit music and movies, along with video clips of some of the leading figures of the day, military and civilian, and their takes on the war.  So click on the icons and reminisce a bit . . . and Happy Birthday to us all!

No worries, the archived website is right where it's always been.

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The 4-slide slideshow below contains the titles of all the extended features.  If you see something interesting, just click anywhere on that slide to see all of the selections. 



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50th Anniversary Homepage #4 - Songs
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