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Updated 13 September 2020

We've received word that our Memorial Paver supplier has fallen victim to the Oregon wildfires.

Click here for the info we now have. We'll update when more is available.

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The Guestbook has been compromised and has been taken down. We're trying to work some sort of alternative. Sorry for any inconvenience. Entries as of 3 June 2020 can still be searched here. The "contact us" link is still active.

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The EC-47 Memorial Plaza dedication has been postponed until 2021

Vietnam Veterans Day, 29 March. No further info at this point.

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Periodic maintenance contiues on the Goodfellow EC-47 replica.

Thanks again to Danny Henderson for the updates. Danny's a liasion officer for the National Geosptial-Intelligenge Agency at the schoolhouse.





Other veterans activities of note:

♦ The 6994th Security Squadron reunion has been postponed until 26-28 August in Mobile, AL. (See 6994th.com for updates.)

♦ The 11 Novewmber 2020 San Angelo Veterans Day celebration is still on. Updates as we receive them. 

Meanwhile, more engraved Paver Plates are on the way!

Latest shipment in transit; check back soon for those pix. There are many unit emblems, aircrew wings, and so forth to choose from. If you don't see something you want, let us know. We may be able to add it to the catalog.


Click here to view all the 8 x 8 plates received.


Click here to view all the 4 x 8 plates received.

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Click HERE for complete details on the plaza, more photos of the paver installation, and the on-line order form. 

Thanks to J.J. Graham, president of the (San Angelo) Heritage Chapter of FTVA, for these pix. 

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As always, everything on the site can be accessed by clicking on the black bars at the upper left. J.C. Wheeler's legacy site can be viewed here.