Searchable Guestbook Transcript

We recognize that a guestbook is an important feature in a website such as this. Unfortunately, the freebie application we use is not searchable. So, in order to allow old friends to connect or to look for some bit of info, we’ve decided to copy and paste the guestbook entries into a searchable document. This is a fairly tedious process, so bear with us. We’ll try to update as new postings are made, but occasional delays are inevitable. 

Meanwhile, here’s what we’ve got, from that very post on 21 April 2015 to the most recent. The first few entries are arranged in the order posted. The rest are pasted page by page, which means that for any given guestbook page the posting order will be last (top) to first (bottom), which won’t matter for search purposes. To conserve space, paragraph breaks have generally been removed. Some embedded links are "clickable", some are not. You can always copy and paste.

So click HERE to get started—good luck and have fun!


By the way, four guestbooks, ca. 1998-2001, are still accessible on the legacy website.