EC-47 Aircraft Photo Album

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If you have a good photo of an EC-47 with tail number or identifiable EC-47, why not share it here with others. Also, if you have any photos of lost/destroyed EC-47s, I would like to get a photo album page, of all or at least as many of the EC-47s in it as possible. If possible, send the photos to me as an attached file and I will get it online Quickly. If you need to send them USPS, I will be glad to pay postage both ways, scan them in and return your photos to you ASAP.
Send your photos you may want to share to me
U.S. Postal address: J.C. Wheeler - HC 62 Box 6 - Clarksville, AR - 72830


072 - "Lynda" 260 - "Annie"



570 - "Judy" 937 - "Eagle II"



702 - "Margaret Ann"


These three Photos at Ubon

Bottom 2 appear by the antennas, to be EC-47Q Models



All Photos on this page provided by Bob Wilhelm